60A Charger Controller 12V - 48V

60A Charger Controller 12V - 48V

₦28,000 ₦25,000

Product Description

Automatically adapt to the b-attery voltage 12V/24V, making it possible to easy operation. This product control the b-attery voltage and turn on the circuit. Also, when the battery voltage rises to a certain level, it will stop the b-attery.


  • The solar charge controller equipped with dual USB ports, support 5V/2.5A max USB output.
  • This product provides short-circuit protection,open-circuit protection, reverse protection, overload protection.
  • Perfect and safe to use in various applications, such as home, industrial, commercial etc.
  • Solar controller can clearly indicate the status and data, it can be conveniently switched modes and parameter configuration.
  • This product is perect for l-ead-acid batteries: OPEN, , GEL, not suitable for nickel hydride, lithium ions, or other batteries.
  • Using PWM charge management, actually improve the c-harging efficiency.
  • Adjustable floating charge voltage, d-ischarge stop voltage and discharge reconnect voltage.


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